Ciudad Juárez-El Paso Site Model

This presentation model spans the area around the Paso del Norte International Bridge, which connects the border towns of El Paso, USA, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico. The project site adjoins the bridge on the Juarense side of the Rio Grande, overlooking the vast border channel. The model served to place the project three-dimensionally in its urban context, making apparent the idiosyncratic architectural language that serves to enhance its position as a landmark.

The Guardians, the combined watchtowers and dwellings of the women’s centre, stand out against the low, flat cityscape

The model was constructed using a base of OSB-board and sculpting the terrain, infrastructure and buildings in gray cardboard using a digital blade cutter. Waterways and green areas were hand-cut in coloured paper, and the buildings of the project were constructed in MDF and spraypainted pink. Vegetation was made from black foam with a light coating of green paint. Cars, trucks and trains were made in pine sticks and painted white.

Type: Model, 1:500

Material: Gray cardboard, coloured papers, MDF, paint

Period: 2020